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Even in a conservative dental practice, there are times when teeth need more extensive work. For instance when a tooth has had multiple filling episodes or a root canal, then more support is needed for the tooth. Multiple fillings weaken the structure of the tooth which could lead to the fracture of the tooth.

A crown holds the tooth together and prevents that. When a root canal has been done, the tooth becomes brittle from that procedure and must be supported to prevent the splitting of the tooth. In either case a crown should be placed on that tooth. That means the entire tooth is covered to protect it from breaking apart anymore. Crowns can be made of a gold alloy or porcelain or a combination of both.

This procedure is a two appointment procedure with the first appointment involving the preparation of the tooth and the second appointment for the seating of the crown. Crowns typically last five to twenty five years.

Dr. Golden will never recommend unnecessary treatment but sometimes a crown is the only remedy for a tooth problem. It can be a remedy for a tooth that might otherwise be lost.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding restorative treatment options.

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